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Have a thought, say it out loud.. then watch it manifest itself!

Oh how I love mornings... I love to get up with the sun. Yet, somehow lately I’ve started to sleep later and later… some days not waking until 8:30am. It makes me feel sad, because I love being up early in the morning and watching the sunrise, listening to the birds sing… being a part of the hustle and bustle as the day begins to start.

I'm not really sure what happened… why I stopped getting up at six in the morning. I guess I started to feel a little bit sad, maybe a little bit overwhelmed, maybe a little bit under the weather. I would roll over and say ok, give me a few more minutes, because I wasn't sleeping well at night.

I was talking to my life coach one day and I was sharing how my morning ritual was moving into the afternoon because I couldn't quite get going in the morning. She suggested that I start getting up 15 minutes earlier each day, for the next few days. Then move it 15 minutes earlier the next few days, until I eventually was getting up at 6:15am, which was the time I liked to get up.

Well, as soon as I stated that I wanted to get moving earlier, the universe said “ok, we’ll take care of that”. I was heading out of town to a dog show for the next five days, which required me to get up each day by 6 AM in order to get the dogs ready for the show. After 5 days of rising at 6:00am, I was back in the swing of things again!

Today was my first day home... I had just completed 5 full days of walking (20,000 plus steps each day) and having a full day of moving and running. Today, I got up at 6:15 and thanked the Angels for the amazing weekend and for helping me to reset my body to waking up early so that I can feel my heart and soul before my day starts.

Sometimes you just have to have the thought... say it out loud, and then watch it manifest itself!

Cheryl Carrigan

Inspirational Guide Happiness Coach

612-695 8183

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