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Every day, without exception…

before I even put my feet on the floor, I say THANK YOU!

     Thank you for this day.

     Thank you for my bed.

     Thank you for the sunshine, rain and snow.

     Thank you for coffee.

     Thank you for the air in my lungs.

     Thank you for my bestie.

     Thank you for my Mom and Dad.

     Thank you for my home.

     Thank you for my perfect health.

     Thank you for my gifts.

     Thank you for my dog.

     And the list goes on and on!


It’s really a simple practice, yet potentially, life changing.

I’m thankful for everything and guess what…

The more thankful you are, the more things come to you to be grateful for.

     Try it…  I dare You!

Happiness is a choice…   it truly is!


     Choose Happy.

     Choose Love.

     Choose Peace.

     Choose Kindness.

     Choose Hope.

     Choose to Be.

     Choose Joy.

     Choose Confidence.

     Choose Life.

     Choose to Smile!


Every moment, of everyday, you have a choice…   I say, choose Happy!  Make a list of all the things that make you happy, then turn on a happy song and dance!


I guarantee your mood will shift.

       Love,  Cheryl

My life purpose is simple…

To spread Love, Peace and Happiness!

Will you join me?

Do you know what your true life purpose is?

     What would you do, if money and time were not an issue?

     Put your hand on your heart and ask “what is my life


         what do you feel?

Life has its hiccups…

So when I find myself in the eye of a hurricane, I find peace in knowing:


     I can call Spirit and the Angels for help.

     I stand in gratitude for the lessons being presented.

     I know and believe I am dearly loved and blessed.

     I connect to Mother Earth to hold me tight, while holding hands

     with Spirit for guidance.

     I know this too shall pass… so I will “breathe” and repeat.


     It is in that breath, that I hold my hand on my heart      and ask:

     What is it you need?  What is it you feel?  What is it that you want? 


     I then sit quietly and listen, it’s within the stillness that

     the answers come.

I dedicate my life work to one of the strongest, dearest women I have ever met…



She, without hesitation, could conquer any situation with amazing ease and grace. She has the internal soul strength that comes from a heritage of strong women, with an unwavering dedication to her family like no other.  If I could create a family

avatar it would look very similar to Betty Boop… a small dark-haired woman with ruby red lips that can make the world a better place just by being around her – that avatar would be made in the form of my mom… Darlene Carrigan.


My mom has never had a really, really bad day; even when things are what most people would find bad, she always has some silver lining or good she can pull out of nowhere.


My own inspiration to inspire others to live a happy life comes from her.  Even in my darkest moment, mom would say “go ahead and cry, I am listening” and when I got it all out, she found the words to patch my heart together so I could make it through the day.


Mom taught me that Mondays are the only day to start my diets… only after indulging in a delicious hot fudge Sunday over the weekend!


Sometimes I save her voice messages on my phone just so I can replay them when I need to feel her energy – it always makes me smile. 


My mom calls me every day and inspires me to be my best me...


     Thanks Mom, I love you with all of my heart!

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