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Angel  Gathering

Angel Gatherings are truly an experience you won’t want to miss… 
Once a month Cheryl offers this unique experience where you come together with others for a very intimate gallery meeting with Spirit, Angel and of course Cheryl. 

If your heart is ready to be touched in the most amazing way possible then this is the event to attend. 

Cheryl will start the gathering by providing a chat led by Spirit and the Angels that will address the energy of the cosmic universe, as well as messages about what is coming up with the full moon/new moon energy. She will have a little Q&A session and then close the evening by giving everyone their own beautiful message from the Angels. 

Seating is limited…. so reserve your seats in advance! 

Every month there is a different theme and new things Spirit and the Angels want to talk about, it is a unique experience you won’t want to miss a one! 

*** check out the EVENTS page to register for an upcoming Angel Gathering!


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