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Spiritual Business Coaching

“Cheryl clearly has a method she uses that works for many types of business that is effective at helping them achieve their goals.  However, what has the biggest impact on my business is that she really listens to me.  She doesn’t just hear me she listensand then customized her advise based on the right course for that time and place. Even if that means I need to take a day off, or find time to take care of myself, as that could be in the best interest of the company.  She’s also not afraid to call it like she sees it, which is why we all need a coach in the first place, to show us what we can’t see.  Contracting with Cheryl (and her fee is so reasonable) is one of the best decisions I have made for my company!”  

- Jean P

Scottsdale, AZ

Inspirational Coach

"I have been a coaching client of Cheryl’s for almost 6 months now. She has a beautiful way of holding a mirror up for her clients to look into spirituality. She not only walks and coaches what life is all about everyday, when Cheryl takes you on as a client she puts her whole heart and soul into helping you achieve your true life purpose. 

I am learning how to get out of my own way. Cheryl is teaching me life is not as hard as I make it for myself … that sometimes I just need to let go and trust. It is amazing how smooth my life becomes when I listen to her advice. Since Cheryl has been coaching me, it is funny that people keep asking me what is different about me and can feel how my energy has shifted from heavy to light. Like Cheryl says, “choose Love Kelly, choose love” and when I do, wow more positive things show up in my life…. I am blessed to have not only met Cheryl, but also to have had the chance to work with her. The work has forever changed my life.  Thank You Cheryl!”

- Kelly M

Apple Valley, MN

"Cheryl is not only an inspirational coach, she is a walking testimonial of how we should all live our lives. She lives what she teaches. She teaches to live with heart and soul. She is inspiring me to retell "my" story. My story now reads:  I am loved. I am worthy. I can now live my life with "love and light." 

I too, am a living testimonial of what life looks like when you live HAPPY!”

- Tammy Y.

Minneapolis, MN

Angel Reading


“The day I met Miss Cheryl was the day I met an earth angel. I could not believe the reading she gave me, it has forever changed my life. I was always seeking answers from my father I had never met and two minutes into the reading Cheryl looked up at me and said there is a man here in a full uniform from the military… I believe he is you father.  I started to shake and said “oh my god … oh my god … oh my god”.

Cheryl had no idea of who I was or that I was looking for my dad. She blew me away! I have talked to my dad every day since, I no longer feel a longing in me to know him, he is in me and with me everywhere that I go. I am beyond blessed to have met Cheryl at a conference and now we are forever connected. I love you Ms Cheryl … Please don’t ever stop doing your work it brings such peace to so many.”

- Helga H

Virgin Islands, USA

“Cheryl is such a blessing in my life! I have personally had two angel card readings and am currently taking part in her Magical Coaching. My first reading with her gave me insight into myself that I never knew existed, which in turn helped to improve my overall view of life! To put it simply- she changed my life.  When someone you’ve just met can give you answers that you’ve been seeking for so long, it’s just amazing and comforting.

After my second reading, I was like yep this woman is awesome and I need her to continue to help me into 2017!  

So, now she is my coach and spiritual mentor! "

- Dawn K

Edina, MN

“I have never had a reading of this type before and was intrigued after meeting Cheryl at a conference.  I’m not sure what I expected but she was able to connect with some departed loved ones I never even thought about asking her to connect with, and what she told me was detailed and spot on. She said things that really hit home for me and most of what she brought up were specifics that there was no way for her to know.  She made the reading comforting and impactful and it made a difference in my life.”

- Jean P

Scottsdale, AZ


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