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Psychic/Medium Readings 

I love connecting with the Angels! 

It is always such a privilege to open up to spirit and get guidance, hope and clarity for the beautiful souls

I read for.   Spirit and the Angels have some magical messages to share with you!



Are you looking for a little guidance?  Wondering what is next? 
Just want some direction... then this is where to start!
Think of something you want clarity on, then let's call the Angels and Spirit for some guidance. 

I can't wait to connect to Spirit and help you find some clarity in a world that may not feel so clear.

30 Minute Reading (via phone)   $77
60 Minute Reading (via phone) $144

*** All readings are conducted over the phone *** 

I recommend you find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. 

If you’re looking to connect to a loved one… please be sure to let me know at the start of the call. 
This will allow time for them to come through and for you to hear their beautiful message! 
Thank you! 

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