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All is Well… Follow Your Intuition!

As an inspirational coach, author, and mentor I often tell people to follow their intuition (that feeling in their gut). I tell people to please do what their intuition is telling them, as by doing so they honor their intuition and their spirit. If their gut says, “Go right at the light,” go right, or if it says to call someone then call them. My intuition often says, “You need to go to ___,” and guess what? - I do, and this is why:

Currently, I'm in the middle of a website redesign. It's taking a lot of time for both me and my partner to get this done. There are just so many more details to the process than I care to think about. Last night, while in the middle of working on something, my intuition told me that I needed to run to Office Depot and fax some paperwork. I looked up at the clock and thought, “Seriously!? It's 8 o'clock at night! Why can’t I just do it in the morning?” and Spirit said, “Go now.” So, to honor my intuition, I went.

Now, Office Depot is only about a mile away from our home. So I said, “Come on, Charlie (my four-legged travel buddy), we are going to Office Depot,” and out the door we went. When I pulled into the parking lot a lady pulled her car in behind mine. She was driving as fast as lightning and parked right next to me. I noticed it because I could feel her intense energy. I sat in my car to let her get out of hers, then got out of my car and we headed into the store. I noticed this woman was almost running; clenching her bag and running. Clearly she was in a hurry.

I walked over to the fax machine to send my two pages, and this woman was frantically trying to get someone to set her up to use the printer. The fax machine was right next to where she was working. I pushed the button to send my fax and sat there waiting for it to process. Her energy was so intense I could hardly stay in the chair. I immediately started to focus my breath to call on the energy and brush this frantic energy away from her, to shift it so this woman could actually breathe. Ok, I was being little selfish; I wanted to breathe too! LOL

After about two minutes of doing this the woman looks my way. Our eyes meet and she says, “I am a nervous wreck!” I said, “I know. I'm sitting over here meditating and pulling the energy off you so that you can get accomplished what you want to accomplish.” She looked at me with such surprise. I said, “No worries. All is well. I meditate; and it has saved my life.”

Still looking at me, she asked, “Why would you worry about me?” And I said, “Why not?”

I told her I could feel her energy and I was just sitting next to her deep breathing and trying to calm the energy around her so she could think clearly to finish whatever she wanted to accomplish in a timely manner. I also said to her, “Do you know if you work on something with that type of energy, that's the energy the project picks up. It might be to your advantage to ground yourself; center; hold your hand on your heart; and say, ‘All is well… all is well … all is well’ and then your project would have the energy you want it to hold.”

She held her hands in prayer and bowed her head to me. I said, “No need to thank me.”

She then asked where I came from. I said, “My home.” She replied, “This has been the most amazing two minute exchange I've ever had with a human being!” I responded, “I ask you to pay it forward. If you see someone who is stressed, please just take some deep breaths around them and shift the energy to help them. Just think, if we all did this every day, imagine what a beautiful world we would live in!”

And so it is …..

Cheryl Carrigan

Inspirational Guide Happiness Coach

612-695 8183

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