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Things that bring me Peace:


Meditation – it has saved my life!  Meditation has given me the gift to slow down,

                         to go within and find peace.


Pedi & Mani’s – I love sitting in the pedicure and manicure chairs, being pampered.

                              I tune out the world and go to my happy place!

Peaceful Places in MN –

                      Minnehaha Falls

                      Como Zoo

                      Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

                      Taylors Fall



I’m blessed to live in a beautiful state, surrounded by peaceful places.

There are numerous places to visit where I can connect with Spirit.


Who do I love?


I love too many people to list and I am beyond blessed to be loved by many.

But without a doubt, I am unconditionally loved by my Grandma Ruby and my parents. 

Things I love…

        Coffee – I love coffee, it makes me very happy!  I feel at peace when I wrap my

                          hands around my favorite mug full of hot coffee… AHHH.

        Movies – My favorites are Avatar and Wizard of Oz.

                          I only watch happy, uplifting movies that fill my heart with joy.

        Dogs – I’ve had three furry children throughout my life…

                      Mr Max (aka “George”)

                     Miss Gus (aka “Muss Muss”)

                     Charlie (aka “Mr Bucket”)


        It’s funny, all my animals have had two names… not sure why!

       These days I’m blessed to be surrounded by many amazing dogs.

       I will say, male dogs are definitely my favorite.


       Mountains – I love to be surrounded by the vast magnitude of the mountains.

                                 I feel at home among them!

Things that make me HAPPY:

         Traveling – Seeing the world is a trip I give myself.  It can be a day trip, a long weekend,

                                or a big excursion, it doesn’t matter which one…  ALL traveling is amazing!


         Being ME – I wouldn’t want to be anyone else!


       Garage Saling with Mom – I find happiness in the hunt for hidden treasure, and doing it with my                                 mom makes it that much more special.


       Watching my Nieces grow up – I’m in awe with how much happiness and sheer joy I find in                                          watching all four of my nieces grow into beautiful young ladies…I am blessed!


        Funny Questions folks ask me a LOT –

        What products do you use on your hair? 

       ANSWER:   LOL


        What color is your hair? 

        ANSWER:  not sure, it depends on the day.


        What’s your favorite food? 

        ANSWER: Coffee, in my world it is its own food group!


       Do you really talk to dead people? 

       ANSWER:  Yep!


       Do you really not watch any TV? 

       ANSWER:  I truly do not, except live sporting events.


       How did I find my life purpose?

       ANSWER:  Meditation and listening to my heart.


       Are you two sisters? 

       ANSWER:  Whenever my mom and I are together, we get this question asked of us…

       not sure if I look that old, or she looks that young… I think it’s the latter!  LOL



Upcoming Events

Ames Psychic & Paranormal Expo

This event will have approximately 60 vendors offering readings, healings, holistic services, paranormal groups and items for sale.  We will also have speakers and presentations throughout the day.

Sat,  October 21st

10 am - 6 pm


Sun, October 22nd                 

10 am - 5 pm


Sherman Building, Iowa State University

5356 Chicago Ave S.

Ames, Iowa

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