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Cheryl has spent over 20 years inspiring people to live happy and now she is sharing her wisdom through her written words. Cheryl is an Inspirational Author and Blogger who loves to write from her heart and soul. She has a unique way of connecting the dots of the life lessons that unfold for us each and every day; bringing them to life so we can not only learn from them, but also grow through them. 


“In Soul Motion” Inspirational Card Deck

This deck was created out of love. It started with me sending some inspirational messages to a few friends every morning....soon the list grew so large it took me all morning to send. So, the In Soul Motion Card deck was created. These cards are meant to help support your happiness. I suggest shuffling the cards each morning and then pulling a card to start your day. Place the card where you can see it for a boost of inspiration throughout your day.  This deck will help you focus and create more happiness in your life, which you can then spread to the rest of the world.

“In Soul Motion” Inspirational Journal


​“Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness”

Volume 4 of the #1 Bestselling 365 Book Series

As an Inspirational Mentor, I have been blessed to walk some beautiful life journeys with my clients. One of the techniques I use to help keep people focused on their journey is to hand out "happy homework". This journal reflects some of the homework I would assign. My wish is that you pour yourself a good cup of tea and sit in a sacred space that allows you the freedom to put your soul into motion. 

Inside this journal you will find inspirational messages that will challenge you to turn inward and find the beautiful buried treasure inside of you… your soul.  The journal is an extension to the “In Soul Motion” inspirational card deck.  The card deck was designed to give a little ray of sunshine each day, to inspire you to live happy and grateful.  The journal was designed to allow you the opportunity to go a little deeper, learn more about your soul and truly discover how to live happy.


We believe that we live in a world where goodness abounds. But sometimes, when you look at all the negativity and divisiveness in the news, it’s easy to feel discouraged. You might find yourself disheartened by world events, wondering what happened to the light-filled and loving universe you want to live in.What happened to all the goodness?


We’ve created Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness – to bear witness to the myriad examples of the goodness that surrounds us all!



This book includes 365 true stories (from over 250 contributing authors) of people expressing love, goodness, and kindness. The experiences range from huge expressions of lifelong love (such as caring for a child, or aging parent with severe challenges) to small acts of kindness (such as complimenting a stranger) – all sharing one thing in common: they add to an ever-growing mountain of evidence that goodness abounds!


Upcoming Events

Ames Psychic & Paranormal Expo

This event will have approximately 60 vendors offering readings, healings, holistic services, paranormal groups and items for sale.  We will also have speakers and presentations throughout the day.

Sat,  October 21st

10 am - 6 pm


Sun, October 22nd                 

10 am - 5 pm


Sherman Building, Iowa State University

5356 Chicago Ave S.

Ames, Iowa

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