Spirit Gathering

This is a very special way to bring Cheryl and her loving Spiritual Family into your home.
Are ready for an intimate gathering with Spirit?
I will start the evening out by providing a chat driven by Spirit... followed by a question/answer session.
We will end the evening with each quest receiving a private mini reading.
What an awesome experience to have in your home with your loved ones! 
During these gatherings I am the instrument for the Spirit world. The guides work through me, their
messages depend upon the energy that you and your guests bring with them. This energy assists Spirit in transmitting loving messages from your loved ones. Spirit will also be able to gather information to
answers questions you may have about your health, money, career and of course the number one
question folks want to know… when am I going to meet my soulmate? 
Gather a group of people (5 or more) and we will have a wondering gathering of Spirit!



Spirit Gathering....  (minimum of 5 people)