Inspiring Soul Connections!

We all have a little spark in our soul just waiting for us to be brave enough to take a deep breath in to ignite it!

Let Cheryl inspire you to turn inward, to find that beautiful treasure inside of you... your soul!

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Hello Beautiful Soul   



"I have spent over 20 years inspiring people to live happy. To truly choose to go inside and find that little spark that is waiting for the breath of air to ignite it. I remember my ah-ha moment when I took a deep breath in and everything started to unfold for me. As an inspirational author, mentor, speaker and teacher, I have been blessed to walk some beautiful life journeys with my clients." ~ CHERYL CARRIGAN

Meet Cheryl...

Cheryl struggles when she’s asked to define herself, because she sees herself as a person who lives life in vivid 3D color.

She doesn't like to be defined, or categorized as a specific type.

She jokingly acknowledges that’s probably the reason she hasn’t defined a corporate logo!

The peacock is a symbol she truly loves... they frequently hold their feathers high so that everyone can enjoy their beauty.  Cheryl likes to encourage her clients to be peacocks... to hold their beautiful hearts high as they stroll through the journey of life, never hiding how truly beautiful each and every one of them are! 

Intuitive Angel Readings
I love connecting with the Angels!  It is always such a privilege to open up to spirit and get guidance, hope and clarity for the beautiful souls I read for.

Spirit and the Angels have some magical messages to share with you!

Inspirational Life Mentoring

Do you ever ask yourself how did I get here? When did my life, my dreams take a turn?

Do you feel stuck? Do you ask yourself, or wonder, what else is there for you out there? 


I have surrounded myself with incredible teachers, coaches and some amazing mentors along the way.  I now live the life of my dreams, and you deserve the same. I would be honored to be a guide on your amazing journey….. The journey back into the life of your dreams! 


This is a very special way to bring Cheryl and her loving Spiritual Family into your home.
Are ready for an intimate gathering with Spirit?
I will start the evening out by providing a chat driven by Spirit... followed by a question/answer session.
We will end the evening with each quest receiving a private mini reading.
What an awesome experience to have in your home with your loved ones!

Spirit Gathering
Inspirational Speaker
Do you have an upcoming event that you would like to include some inspiration, a dose of happiness and a pinch of humor?  Cheryl brings life to any event with her wide range of speaking topics. 
Prayers and Blessings

Do you have someone special, or a special event coming up, that you would like an individualized prayer or blessing written for? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a blessing/prayer. 


I will tune into the energy of the person, or event, to call my spiritual family to deliver a beautiful prayer or blessing in honor of the honored!  

Emergency Roadside Assistance
If your days have been feeling just a little overwhelming, or you feel like you have fallen into the pot hole of life... then this session is for you!  Think of this as a mini coaching session - an emergency repair kit to ignite your heart and soul!